Why Bungee Beast®? It’s Real Simple!

Recently I was given the opportunity to sit in with the Bungee Beast® team for a product demonstration. To all you bungee lovers out there, I have news that’ll be music to your ears. Bungee cords, or stretch cords, are most effective when they are stored the correct way. Other products out there, if you consider a pipe with a couple wholes in it a product, aren’t spaced correctly. They over stretch bungee cords causing them to loose their strength, which can cause all sorts of nightmares that could ruin a fun outing….
Bungee Beast® introduces an innovative design that solves this problem. The discs arranged on the shaft of the Bungee Beast aren’t spaced by accident. Instead they are arranged to hook bungee cords comfortably. The Bungee Beast® disc pattern implements a turning mechanism that helps ensure your bungee cords remain strong and reliable. The Bungee Beast® Xtreme consists of extra discs that allow even more flexibility when hooking your bungee cords. The Xtreme can hold stretch cords ranging from 10″ to 60″easily, all while maintaining their effectiveness.

There is simply nothing else out there that compares to the MIGHTY BUNGEE BEAST®

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