Bungee Beast® Organizing plants in the Yard

Do you have wild shrubbery growing around the house? Bushes or plants with a mind of their own spreading out to the side instead of straight up? Use Bungee Beast® to fix your problem! Plants have been known to fear the mighty Bungee Beast® because of it’s intimidating nature. Use the Bungee Beast® and it’s ability to hold wide repertoire of bungee cords, to keep your plants growing correctly. Big plants or small, adding the Bungee Beast® to your tool collection can help create the yard of your dreams. So keep those plants in line and maintain the nicest yard in the neighborhood with Bungee Beast®!
Keep your neighbors jealous with Bungee Beast®!

5$ off through the end of July with the redeemable code – AMERICANPROUD

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