Infinite Limit, LLC manufactures, markets, and sells products to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. Among its core values, Infinite Limit, LLC  will produce its products in the USA with domestic labor and materials. 

Infinite Limit, LLC directly manages all aspects of product design and development along with business administration, finance, sales, order processing and order fulfillment. The production, assembly and packaging operations may be outsourced to one or more domestic vendors which are subject to oversight by the management of Infinite Limit, LLC. 

Our vision begins with this simple idea. Develop creative solutions to household problems through the application of simple products and techniques. As an additional core value, we will outsource those parts of our operations that require specialized equipment or knowledge and we will focus on efficient business administration and management. To learn more about our team, see below.


meet our team

Infinite Limit, LLC CEO Marge Fleck 
Marge Fleck
Managing Member

Margaret Fleck brings over 25 years of experience to Infinite Limit, LLC.  Her experience covers a wide range of activities including managing her own business consulting firm and working as a senior manager in Fortune 500 manufacturing companies and public service agencies.  She specializes in manufacturing efficiency, supply chain planning, vendor management, business process engineering, and business administration.

Paul O'Flaherty

Paul O’Flaherty’s background includes over 25 years’ experience working as a senior manager and director in multi-national corporations.  His strengths include: marketing, product management and development, IT and IT related activities, vendor negotiation, and business administration.

email: info@infinitelimit.com

address: 11 Hampton Pl. Cornwall NY, 12518

phone: 845-558-7429